Welcome to Totally-RAD.com, the Anything-Goes website where YOU can submit rad stuff to share with the world. Sadly, the school district has blocked this website, so it is no longer accessible at school ): BUT! I think that it's awesome because someone had to go out of their way to specifically block MY website! Woo hoo! Check out the navigation to the left to begin your rad experience.
     Totally-rad.com began back in 2002 when Captain and I started up the [RAD] Counter-Strike clan. At first it was just going to be us and our close friends, but soon it grew to over thirty members. We had a few clan matches, which we won (of course), and we dominated the PCE server. In the heat of its popularity, Tydel offered to buy our clan a domain, so I selected totally-rad.com. After a few months, the Counter-Strike phase died down (again) and the domain soon expired. In December 2003, I decided to start the site back up again, so I re-registered it in March. Now here we are with version 11 of totally-rad.com, and we're still going strong.
     I'm really sorry for the lack of updates the past year, I've been busy with work, school, and WoW, haha. So yeah, I've decided to start new, and I need your help to build up an awesome database of RAD stuff!

News & Updates

______________________________________November 26th, 2006
Holy crap, I updated! For the first time in over a year! Yeah, I finally got the motivation to fix up the site and add some new stuff. What's the use of having a site if there's nothing on it, I guess! Here's my idea: This site will basically be a holding/reference spot for all the funny links/images/games/whatever that we find on the internet. There have been so many times where I'm like "HEY remember that awesome picture of that cat holding an invisible sandwich?!" and everyone else is like "?????" and I go to try and find the pic and the link is broken and everyone is sad! So HERE all the pics and stuff will be for future reference. I think its also easier to just be like hey go to this site and click here and theres all the stuff instead of having to host stuff on imageshack and junk. Yeaaaaaaaaah...



This site was made and designed by Kaia! I don't take credit for the content within the links here, but I scripted the page and made the graphics and stuff, so yeah, don't steal it. I tried my best to make the css work with firefox, so hopefully it looks decent for everyone. This page is best viewed with a decently sized resolution--normally I would comment on how Johnson used 1024x768 for the longest time, but I mean, it's been years and it's probably gotten old.